During Apple’s recent event, they announced the iPhone 5C and 5S. The iWatch wasn’t announced as expected, however don’t forget that Apple has another event in October. It’s highly likely that the iWatch will be unveiled there.

iPhone 5C Overview

The iPhone 5C is basically the same exact thing as the iPhone 5, except that it has a plastic housing. Jony Ives referred to it as “beautifully, unapologetically plastic.”


This new plastic model has a lot of critics though. They claim that Steve Jobs would have never sacrificed quality for retail price, and that Apple is going downhill quite fast.

If you think about it though, the new plastic model is actually helping Apple’s sales. In the past the biggest competitor against the iPhone 5, was the iPhone 4 because carriers were giving it out for $0, $20 or $100 with a 2-year contract. Since the iPhone 4 does everything the iPhone 5 does but for $100-200 cheaper with a 2-year contract, there was just no reason to get the new one.


The same has been true for Apple’s iPhone 4S. Many people would have rather bought the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. So this time Apple came up with a better idea. Instead of their competition for the new iPhone being the old iPhone, why not create their own competition?

The iPhone 5S costs $200 with a new contract. The iPhone 5C costs $100. That means that it will force carriers to sell the iPhone 5 for free. This will effectively “update” everyone to the iPhone 5, because they get it for free. Also more people are going to buy the iPhone 5C instead of the iPhone 5 over the iPhone 5S.


This means that instead of the 5S’s competition being the iPhone 5, it will be the iPhone 5C. It’s bit confusing to look at it this way, but Apple is going to benefit in the long run from this pricing model on two different “new iPhones.”

When someone buys an iPhone from their carrier with a two-year plan for $100-200, the carrier still pays $500-600 for that phone. So it all works out good for Apple in the end.

iPhone 5C Specs

The iPhone 5C’s battery life (talk time) is two more hours than the iPhone 5, meaning it will last up to 10 hours. The iPhone 5C is 0.35 inches thick and weighs 4.65 ounces, while the iPhone 5 is 0.30 inches thick and weighs 3.95 ounces.

Other than that, all of the iPhone 5C specs are the same (or slightly) better than the iPhone 5. By slightly better we mean that the iPhone 5C’s camera has extra video stabilization and improved 1.2MP front iSight camera.

The iPhone 5C also supports more LTE connectivity bands than the iPhone 5.

It’s not clear if the iPhone 5 is worth it. If your carrier would give you an iPhone 5 for free with a two-year contract, then you would want to take that over the iPhone 5C that costs $100 with a two-year contract. In addition to the iPhone 5C costing more, it’s also made out of plastic and thicker. I’m not really sure how it’s an improvement worth paying for…

iPhone 5S (Were the rumors right?)

If you read our iPhone 5S rumor article, you’ll see that it was pretty spot on. We said that the front camera would be 13MP. Even though the new camera is only 8MP, it uses 1.5µ pixels. This means that a photo taken on the iPhone 5S will significantly look better than a photo taken on a camera with 13MP at 1µ pixels. Instead of Apple jamming more pixels into the camera, they made the pixels bigger. This is the same thing we saw in the HTC One.

We also mentioned that the iPhone 5S would have a fingerprint scanner, and it did. Our iPhone 5S rumour article did criticize other rumours stating that a cheaper “iPhone math” model would come out. However Apple did end up releasing the iPhone 5C, which is effectively what the iPhone Math rumours spoke about.

iPhone 5S Overview

The iPhone 5S has a fingerprint scanner and motion detector. The fingerprint scanner is used to replace your passcode and iTunes password. The motion detector is used to track calories and workout intensities. Whereas the iPhone 5S has a fingerprint scanner and motion detector, the iPhone 5C does not.


The iPhone 5S also has 10 hours of battery life while talking on it. Not to mention that it’s processor is twice as fast as the iPhone 5.

Something that’s really interesting about the iPhone 5S’ processor is that it’s a 64 bit processor. All you need to know about what that means, is that it’s the first phone in the world to have such a processor. Until now only computers or tablets had 64 bit processors. This means that the processor is so powerful that it could in theory run Max OS X as good as a Mac mini or Macbook Pro. Who knows? Apple might merge iOS and Mac OS X in the future if the iPhone and iPad’s processor are strong enough to handle it…

iPhone 5S Specs

The iPhone 5S uses an A7 chip, as well as a M7 motion coprocessor. The new camera is also really good. It allows for 3x video zoom and slo-mo video. When you take a single photo now, the camera takes 10 shots and picks the best one automatically. You can even take a photo while recording a video using the iPhone 5S.

000000283Other than that, the iPhone 5S looks, feels and weighs the exact same as the iPhone 5. The colors are different on it though, but the case shape itself looks exactly the same. The only difference on the iPhone 5S is that there’s no square for the home button. Also instead of an instead home button, there’s a metal ring circle around the area where you put your finger when scanning it.

Stay Tuned for Our iPhone 5S Review

The iPhone 5S will be in stores on September 20th. If everything goes well, then we should have a review of it by the 25th (the latest). Stay tuned…