Although the iPad wasn’t designed to entertain cats, it can be very effective in doing so. In this article we’re going to go over the top free (and paid) apps that are bound to keep your furry pet happy.

Cat Fishing ($0)


The name of this app is interesting because it could be interpreted as a fishing method done by cats, as well as a fishing activity involving the catching of “cat fish.” According to the app’s images, your fishing cat might just be fishing for cat fish.


How’s that for a tongue twister?

This app basically let’s you cat try to “catch” a fish on the iPad screen. It’s recommended that when they are successful, they are rewarded food. Although the app is great, some users recommend that it would be even greater with sound effects.

Cat Fishing 2 ($0)

Alright… So maybe you couldn’t get enough of Cat Fishing 1? Well they made a second version, which is even better. Now when your cat leaves for 30 seconds or more, the iPad will start “meowing” to get it’s attention again. A point and high score system has also been added.

Games for Cats ($0)


Balls, mice and flying creatures are all things your cat loves. This app has it all, and for free too! A great feature that Games for Cats has, is you can “point a laser” from your iPhone onto your iPad screen using the paid upgrade. That’s pretty cool eh? Who needs $5 lasers when you could use digital lasers for a $1.99 upgrade with a $500 iPad and a $600 iPhone?

Friskies Jitterbug ($0)

Okay we get it Friskies. You made Cat Fishing and Cat Fishing 2 for the iPad just to promote your pet food. But now you had to go and put your company name in the app name? Talk about shameless promotion.


This app isn’t that good, even considering it’s free. A bunch of big bugs go across the screen and wait to get crushed by your cat.

Tasty Treasures Hunt ($0)


This app isn’t as popular as the other cat apps out there. It has significantly less ratings, and lower average ratings, than other free apps on the market. Also there’s too many things on the screen and might overload most felines.

Party Mix-Up for iPad ($0)

Party Mix-Up is a regurgitated version of Tasty Treasures Hunt, except that it uses different images for the treats. How creative…



Cat Piano – Meow ($0)



We’re not sure if this is a cat sound piano for humans, or if a cat sound piano for cats. It could go both ways. In the end it’s rated an average of 4 stars on iTunes by over 100 users. It’s worth a try, either to get your cat’s attention or to annoy people around you.

Enjoy with Cat ($.99)

This app only has 11 ratings, and at an average of 3 stars. It doesn’t do anything special that the free apps above don’t already do.

Catch the Mouse Cat Game ($.99)

Catch the Mouse Cat Game has such a high quality mouse graphic that this app could pass as a simulator for cat training. No joke! It doesn’t look like much but this graphic is actually better than all the other graphics in the other cat apps.

000000311This app also counts how many times your cat hits the mouse. Whether Catch the Mouse Cat Game is worth $.99 is up to you.

Paint for Cats ($1.99)

This is probably the best app you could get for your cat. As your furry feline friend (FFF) chases an onscreen mouse, every paw or nose it taps on the screen creates a painting.