infinity blade

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Chair Entertainment Group

Infinity Blade is actually a very important game in terms of mobile gaming. It was the very first game to be made that would use the Unreal engine on a iOS device. For months we had been teased with these phenomenal screen shots of a game that looked like it should be running on a Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.

Now lets talk about the graphics. There really is nothing that I can say that can do the games visuals justice. This is a game that you have to see in action to really appreciate just how great it looks. The whole game is just breathtaking. One thing that I do want to mention is the amazing cut scenes in the game. As well as moving things along you can actually score some extra stuff during cut scenes. For example if you see a potion or some gold then you can tap it and collect it. This is a really cool way of letting gamers interact with a cut scene. A cut scene that looks amazing I might add. Also the sound really does a great job of getting you pumped up for a battle.

Infinity Blade is an action RPG game and a pretty darn fun one at that. It is worth noting that you do not really have the ability to just wander around where ever you would like, but at the end of the day there has to be some limits when making a game like this for an iOS device. The basic idea is that you will need to win a series of battles against some ugly looking medieval inspired monsters. Each one that you will will give you some more experience points making you stringer and getting you ready for the showdown with the evil God King.

You also can upgrade your character by using points to improve the various attributes. You can decide to improve your attack if you are a player who likes to just go all out. Or if you are a more cautions and methodical battler you can improve your shield. One that you will have to improve no mater what is your health. And lastly we have magic for those that like to mix up there attacks with some spells.

Now the way that you play the game is by swiping your finger across the screen of your device. This will swing your sword at your enemy. Now this sounds simple and for some fights it is. But you also have to defend as well. And you do this by pushing the defend icons that are on the screen. You have to time this just right. Or you can use your shield to try and block attacks. Defending really is a skill and one that you will need to learn. If you miss time it then you will take some damage. The aim once you get good enough is to dodge or block then strike with a counter attack of your own.

I love the way that the game uses magic, but for me in a game like this I am more of a strike with sword kind of player. But I did have fun with the magic. When you decide that you are using a spell you will need to draw a icon on the screen as if you are actually casting the spell. I thought this was really cool and best of all it always worked and never misread any of my movements.

Overall this is a game that is all about combat and the combat here is fantastic. Some battles really do have a epic feel to them and other times when you face some monster you will be genuinely worried that you are about to get destroyed.

The game plays like this you enter a area defeat the monster and move on. There are the interactive cut scenes that I mentioned in between as well. The game is fantastic, but at moments I wished that I could freely wander around to explore the beautiful environments.

Overall Infinity Blade is a fantastic action RPG and possibly one of the very best that is on the iOS right now. This is a game that did have a great deal of hype before it was released and as far as I am concerned it more than delivered.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store