Everyone that texts has had autocorrect adding words that just shouldn’t be in their messages. In fact, there is a whole website dedicated to epic autocorrect errors. Fortunately, you can customize your autocorrect on your iPhone to help make sure that the mistakes are kept at a minimum. The fastest way to do this is to open Safari and type the word you want to make sure is added to autocorrect in the smart search field that will usually do the trick.

If typing the word you want to have autocorrect add to its dictionary into the Safari smart search field doesn’t work to customize the word on your iPhone you can try something try this. Open up the Settings app from your Home screen, tap on General and then tap on Keyboards. Finally, tap on Shortcuts and add the word you want to have added to the autocorrect dictionary from that point.

The last way to make sure that autocorrect is getting the word you want to text or email correct is to type it three times and each time your iPhone tries to correct the word, type the little X that will show up beside the autocorrected word. After about three times of doing this, your iPhone will figure out what you really mean to spell.