The best way to control iTunes with your iPhone is to download a free app, called Remote. The Remote app is available at the App Store from Apple and it works so that you can use your iPhone as if it were a remote control. This remote app will control iTunes and AppleTV as well and in order to use Remote to control iTunes its best if you have the most up to date version, or at least version 7.7. Then you need an iPhone that has internet connection.

You can download the Remote app from iTunes on your computer and sync it to your iPhone for the best results. When the app downloads to iTunes, sync it to your iPhone and you will see a four digit pass code that will appear on your iPhone screen, save that number. Back at iTunes, you will see your iPhone appear as a Device, choose that and enter the four digit pass code that you have from your iPhone and that will make Remote sync the iPhone to iTunes and you will see your iTunes library on your iPhone. From that point you can browse through your library and control iTunes with your iPhone.

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