glam fever

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPhone

Developer: Stardoll AB

As a 31 year old father of two when a game asks me if I have what it takes to be the most glamorous girl in the city. I know that I am in big trouble. I mean how does a guy who according to his wife “dresses like a 31 year old child” review a game like this? Well that my friends is easy I will use child labour. Not illegal child labour of course. I will enlist the help of my daughter and if she does a good job I will let her sleep in the house tonight instead of the garden. So let’s find out if this is a game girls around the world will go crazy for like they are at a Billy Joel concert…….. what girls still don’t go crazy for some Billy Joel?

Ok I know a good looking game when I see it and this certainly is a good looking game. Before we even get into the design aspect of the game you can see that a great deal of work has gone into the presentation of this game. Not just the characters, but the backgrounds also have had a great deal of time and effort spent on them.

So the basic idea from what I gathered was that you need to create your young lady and then take over the world or something like that. The creation of the character was certainly something my daughter got right into and she spent ages doing this. Not because it was difficult, but because she enjoyed making her character. The amount of different things that you can do is amazing every little accessory you could imagine can be put on your character.

You also will need to find your self a glamorous career. I mean you cant be buying a ton of cloths and stuff if you do not have a great job now can you? And flipping burgers is not a good enough career for the ladies in this game. Once you have all this in check you can buy stuff to make your young lady look even better. And of course once you are looking good and have a great career you can start to go on dates with some hot guys even as I typed that it just sounded so wrong. There are a few mini games here and there that do a good job of mixing things up.

Overall I can say that my daughter did really enjoy the game. Of course there is in game currency and you can earn it in the actual game, but it happens so slowly that I think some kids will lose interest before long. You can buy them in the in app store which if I am honest was not that over priced.

I can say that my daughter did enjoy the game and for her the best aspect was creating her character. So if you have kids then I think this probably would be a game that they would get into.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store