Flow Free Bridges by Big Duck Games LLC is a great addition to the popular puzzle title flow.

Flow Bridges is from the makers of Flow Free. The objective of flow simple, get all the flows operating without leaving any blank spaces on the puzzle. Controls are as simple as click and drag around the grid layout. Flows all about connecting color corresponded pipelines. In this addition bridges have been introduced so colors with a bridge can overlap themselves making the puzzles all the much more difficult. Content wise theres tons of puzzles contained in a $1 game. Over 700+ levels alone in free play mode. Alongside that you can increase the board size in 5 different variations making the puzzles bigger and much more difficult.

Flow Free Bridges Review

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Speaking of difficulties the puzzles have multiple levels from starter all the way to mania level packs. Game center is also integrated into the game so you can keep track of all your scores and achievements. If speed puzzles are more your thing than time trial offers the puzzles with a time limit for a more sensitive challenge. The user interface of the game is dead simple. Easy menus to navigate and even easier controls. Recent update polished the game for the latest iPhone 5 display. The puzzles offer a great colorful appeal with simple but effective animations and sound effects. Another great feature addition is the labels available for colored impaired players. Making the game accessible to all puzzles lovers.

-Tons of levels
-Simple UI
-Easy Controls

-None noted

This game really does a great job of packing so much gameplay into it at its $1 price. It does have some in-app purchasing available but nothing obtrusive and if anything they’re well worth it adding tons of more gameplay if you find yourself passing the 700 levels. Bridges takes the basics of flow and add-ons new puzzles with this new overlapping feature that makes it more challenging. They’re are now multiple routes to take and your best score is determined by the least moves you make. Puzzle enthusiasts will not be disappointed, you get a great polished game with simple controls. Overall you get a ton of puzzles at your disposal on the go whether its on your iPhone or your bigger iPad the grids all look great and get more challenging as you progress. Go through the free play mode of 700 levels or test yourself against time in the time trial mode. Flow Free Bridges is one of the best $1 puzzle apps available today. Find it for your iPhone or iPad today in the app-store & previous owners of Free Flow will enjoy it all the much more.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store