Fish Out of Water Review
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Fish Out Of Water is an app created by Halfbrick Studios. It costs $.99 and is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


The objective of Fish Out Of Water is to throw fish across the surface of an ocean to see how many times they can skip and how far they can travel. In this game you’re given six different types of fish which all behave differently when thrown.

But Fish Out Of Water doesn’t stop there with the interesting gameplay. Players have to take into account fish types, tsunamis, icebergs, jellyfish swarms, and even weather when throwing their fish.

After three throws, the Crab Crew assesses the performance of the throws. Some crabs value distance over skips more, while other crabs care about everything. You can select each crab to learn more about each crab’s personality so that the fish throws can be tailored to their likes.

As objectives are completed you can level up and unlock charms. Unlock charms are turned into bonus powers which can be used at the start of each game.

The Good:

Not a lot of games can compete with Fish Out Of Water on the uniqueness or creativeness level. Fish Out Of Water is a game you have to play to fully appreciate.

The Bad:

While playing this game I wasn’t able to find any glitches or downsides. Everything runs smoothly.


If you’re into games that test your skills against yourself, and you need to break records to have fun, then this game is for you. Even if you don’t really get the idea of Fish Out Of Water or you’re not into these types of games, you’ll benefit from giving it a try.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store