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Finish is a $1 productivity app by Basil Ltd with the premise of helping you overcome procrastination. Think of finish as smart to-do app. It’s biggest feature is it takes advantage of how you think. You set the rules and finish does the rest.

Finish productivity formula is simple it separates tasks into 3 sections short, mid, longer term goals. You determine what that means to you i.e- short term goals may need to be done within 2-3 day range while long term goals may mean they take at least 1 week+ to complete. Then when you set a task and its due date Finish automatically organizes it where it needs to be. Its all encompassed in a simple user friendly UI. The interface is also gesture based so it allows for smooth browsing through.

Notifications are also handled well within the app, you can set reminders for both when a task is due and or when you miss its completion date. Allowing you to focus on what needs your attention. It has multiple view modes allowing you collapse only what you need to see when you need to see it.

-Simple UI
-Gesture Based
-Smart Formula
-Multiple View Modes

-As with any To-do app its only as good as you are at completing tasks

Finish is neatly packaged and has a great amount of features in a simple UI. It’s aim is to help you break that habit of procrastination mainly in keeping track of your tasks and their due dates rather than you having to worry about giving you more time to actually get it done. Though its only as good as you make it. The app itself is solid though being productive is solely on you. The term lengths system is definitely a great new way to approach to-do lists. While most apps determine what short, mid, and long term goals are this app takes your terms and works around that. The process of making a task is a simple as name, date and your done. The rest of it is all automated making the creation of tasks effortless. The point of all this to help you focus on getting thing finished. I have to say in my efforts testing Finish the new productivity system worked out pretty well. Its not as simple as other to-do lists out there but its automated services can’t be overlooked. If anything I’d like to see an online syncing option along with an iPad edition released in the future.

Finish in its entirety is a very well designed app. Its simple yet effective premise really does wonders in that of helping you procrastinate less with your to-do lists. It gets rid of the busy to-do lists and does things on your terms. At $1 it really is a great option for your productivity needs. Its not for everyone, no productivity system is but if you’ve tried others theres no harm in trying this. An app completely built around you. Finish by Basil Ltd is an awesome to-do list app with smart formula for managing your tasks. Find it in the app-store for the iPhone today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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