Eden is a $1 game by kingly software Inc. that is essentially a sandbox creative environment.

Think of it as a version of Minecraft a bit more focused on creativity. Eden is all about building unique creative worlds. You get to design new worlds, explore them, and even destroy them. The whole interface of Eden is built on cubes, tons and tons of cubes. Each block has their own abilities from a trampoline block to a ice block. The controls of the game are really simple with a moveable D-Pad and simple tap controls to build and destroy. This game is all based on creativity though takes a lot of the main concept from Minecraft.

Eden World Builder

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Eden has tons of possibilities in terms of creating. Its a sandbox that allows you build buildings, structures, or random objects. The game offers varying elemental blocks and materials like glass, wood, even ramps. So for the creative spirit out there then Eden really focuses on that and lets you just spend time building a world rather than surviving in it.

Design you own world, paint it, and use elements like TNT or fire to destroy it. The game really is in your hands. Creatures are even implemented into the game to interact with in your world. Edens graphics are superb even a bit more modern than Minecraft. Really high quality textures with a smooth playing experience.

-Dozens of different Blocks
-Easy Controls

-Doesn’t offer anything over Minecraft

Despite its great design and in-depth creativity Eden doesn’t offer anything over Minecraft. Other than being mark down in price and varying art design Minecraft just offers more feature wise. Eden doesn’t necessarily give the survival aspect of the game. Its based on creating but thats about it after you do that it gets a bit repetitive . While it may be worth it at $1 I feel your better off putting in the extra $5 and getting the official title Minecraft. It offers much more in terms of gameplay and its own creative mode that trumps Eden. If your looking for a cheap alternative to Minecraft however than you can find it for your iPhone or iPad for $1 today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store