draw something 2 review
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: Zynga Inc

Its back!!!!!!!!! Draw Something really was something of a phenomenon. It really just exploded. I would sometimes have as many as ten games on the go at any one time. And I would always be checking my iPad or phone to see if anyone had sent me a new picture. I and a great deal of the rest of the world was hooked on Draw Something. And then it kind of just stopped. I am not sure why, but people just seemed to cold turkey stop playing the game. With how big it was I knew there would be some kind of sequel, but would it take over my life like its predecessor did?

Now at its core this is still the same game that hooked you before. You will be given a choice of three words and then you need to draw. First thing that you will notice that has been changed is now the three words are put into different themes. So now the three words are not just three random things. I really am not sure if this is for the best or not if I am honest. Anyway you will draw your picture your buddy will guess and then it is there turn to draw you a picture. It is just the same fun that you had before.
You can still use in game currency to buy hints to help you out. Or if you and your buddy are cheaters you can just write on the picture what it is and yes I have done this one more than one occasion and I bet you have to so do not judge me! Anyway when you go to draw your picture I am sure you will be very excited when you realise all the new tools that are at your disposal.

Pencil, highlighter pen, a pattern pen which draws textures, a tremendous pixel pen which is great for fans of 8-bit gaming and a crayon. You also have a very wide range of colours at your disposal as well. Now come on you know what I am going to tell you now don’t you? Of course you have to buy these great tools. You can earn them by just playing the game and if you do play it a great deal like I did the first game then it certainly is possible, but it feels like it takes forever so if you really want them and want them fast you will need to spend some real money. Which is a shame because these really would have made the game so much more fun. I know that most people I have played this with so far have just used what was on offer from the start.

These new drawing tools are not all that have been added to the game. One thing which I never thought of at the time about the first Draw Something which was not that great. Was that there was really no point to it. You could not really win and there was no punishment for sucking at the game. Well Draw Something 2 has tried to make this more of a “game” than just some kind of art tool. The way they have done this is by introducing some social elements to the game.

Each time you do a new drawing it is added to your gallery. Now people can “like” or if it is a stranger you are playing they can “follow” you. You can also browse peoples drawings and marvel how amazing some people can draw on there iPad while you are still using stick figures. I actually think this social aspect was a good idea. But the way it is handled is really confusing. I have messed around with it quite a bit and I am still not sure what the heck I am doing. Now I am not a huge Facebook user so to be fair that may be the issue, but it overly complicates the game.

I liked Draw Something 2, but I loved Draw Something 1 and I really do not see this one having the same addictiveness (is that even a word?) that its predecessor did. I get what they were going for with the social aspect, but I think this could actually turn some people off. Speaking of which I have recently learned it is possible to turn off the social aspect of the game. But this brings me to another issue. None of the stuff that you bought in the original Draw Something carries over here so if you had a great colour selection you can kiss that good bye as you will be starting from scratch.

I think that if they really wanted to get people hooked again that the way that they could have done this is by making Draw Something more of a “game” and by this I mean by having people win and lose. Maybe some kind of board game aspect like Pictionary or something like a drawing version of Hang Man. I hope the game does well and for the inevitable next game in the series they give us a little more.

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