draw rider plus review
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: Anton Vazhinsky

Another physics based racing game. Hey stop groaning I heard you! Yes I know that these really are not in short supply, but when they are fun who the heck cares. Draw Rider has been available for a little while now and this Plus version is really just the same, but it is all add free. And honestly I think that its worth the price. And I am a Tighty Mctight Wad so if I am spending a buck then you can.

Now graphically this game is all in black and white, but it just looks so freaking cool. Its basic graphical style really does just ooze charm. When I first saw it to me it looks like a doodle that someone has done in the back of a book. You can customise your bike rider to give him a little more personality. And you have a selection of bikes to chose from. So while the game has gone for a basic look there is a decent amount of customisation to make your rider your very own. I know that some people will probably not be able to look past the games basic look, but they are just going to be missing out on a really fun game.

Now the idea of the game is something that I am sure many of you have done a million times before in similar games. And that is you need to make it to the end of the road on your bike which I am assuming is a BMX without crashing. The game has excellent rag doll physics and making your guy crash every once and a while is pretty funny. It is very easy to control you have a left and right arrow that you will need to use in order to balance your self when you are riding along. It can be very tricky at first to find that perfect balance of speed and not cracking your skull open when you fall.

Draw Rider Plus offers you a very generous 89 tracks to race on. Now if this huge number was not enough then you can make your very own tracks. The track editor in this game is amazing. I think I have spent more time messing around making some very sadistic tracks for my friends to race on than I have actually playing the game. Likewise I have had fun playing on tracks that my buddies have made. The track editor is so easy to use and most of all it is really fun.

I had an absolute blast with this one and if you have the free version I would say that this one without the adds is well worth the price. I am a strong believer in supporting small developers when they make a good game. And let me tell you this is a very good game. The track editor is one of the best I have used in a very long time. I am genuinely excited to see if there will be a full on sequel at some point in the future.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store