Dig Review
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Crescent Moon Games

Dig is quite a weird little game. When I first downloaded this I was really not sure what to expect if I am honest. I kind of thought it sounded like something like Dig Dug or Boulder Dash, but this game really is not about digging.

The story of the game is pretty fun. You play the role of an archaeologist called Douglas who works at a museum. This museum is not doing too well and it is down to him to dig up some new stuff to put in there. Unfortunately there is a mummy and numerous other monsters trying to stop you. I thought the story was pretty good, but the overall look of the game is quite uninspired. Do not get me wrong this is not an ugly game at all, but I do feel like the game could have done with just a little more spit and polish.

The game play here is very interesting as like I said at the start you actually are not doing any digging. I am sure that many of you like me thought a game called Dig would have you tapping the screen trying to dig stuff up. But that is not the case. Each level requires you to draw a series of lines. When you do this and mark out a certain area that area will then be dug up. You need to dig up 75 percent of the level to progress. As you dig you will find some treasure that can be used to buy upgrades. The enemies in the game though are wandering around trying to stop you, but these guys are actually pretty easy to get around. And if you do get some of the power ups then you can make it so you can take more damage. The hats which you can collect are pretty fun and they do give your guy some extra powers which is pretty cool.

One odd criticism I have heard people make about this game is that it is just a clone of the classic arcade game Qix. Well the developer actually does give props to Qix so I think that is quite harsh to bash the game because of this. The problem is though that there have been many Qix clones over the years. And I hate to say it, but this one really does not do enough in my opinion to make it stand out.

Dig really is not a bad game at all. It is just not a very exciting on either. I really have a hard time justifying the three bucks that this game costs. I will say that the foundations for a very good game are here and maybe a sequel could add a great deal of much needed excitement to the game. This is one of those games that you download and play for half an hour or so and then will probably not play again.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store