Cycloramic Review
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Cycloramic by Egos Ventures is a great and super unique camera application for $1.

Cycloramic allows you to multiple things with your camera. Most notably for iPhone 5 users you can take hands free 360 pan shots. Other modes includes panoramic photo modes etc guided or hands free (iPhone 5 only). As well as Video panoramic mode. Now how exactly does the hands free work. The new iPhone 5 features vibration sensors and the app simply toggles those to make your phone hands free spin in a 360 circle. You simply lay your phone upwards on a flat surface hit the button and watch the magic happen. Now keep in mind the surface does need to be flat and it may not work every time. This mode allows the phone to take great 360 shots by using a sensor to determine how it should stitch the picture together. Afterwards you can use the apps 360 degree viewer to toggle around the picture you took. This allows for great creative shots.

Guided mode allows you to do the same thing however using your hands to guide the picture. Very useful for users of older iOS devices. Interface and control wise the app is dead simple. Pick your mode and hit go. The main portion of the app is for the camera preview itself. Now in honesty the app really is only worth getting if you own the new iPhone 5. The big promising feature is to showcase the handsfree mode which can only be done on the iPhone 5. Its something you won’t use all the time but it is a nice little trick and something cool to show off. Video modes does the same as mentioned above just in video form. Very useful to film cool things like round table talks and so on. This really is a camera app in its own class.

-Hands free mode for iPhone 5
-Simple UI

-Not really worth it for older iOS Devices

So again if your on the new iPhone 5 then this is a must have camera app. Aside from the handsfree mode you can generate some really great looking panoramic video as well as photos. Keep in mind the hands free mode is only usable via portrait view. It simply is a cool app and the developers did a great job of coming up with a way to implement a new feature based off the new iPhone 5 design. Cycloramic is a great photo utility that every iPhone 5 user should download. It’s available via the app-store today for only $1.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store