Camera+ by tap tap tap is a $1 camera utility that completely redefines a camera app.

Camera+ is the default camera app on steroids. It provides a whole new set of features for amateur or pro photographers. Namely some of the big features being a touch exposure/focus ring lock, front flash, multiple effects and so much more. Camera+ has a great but familiar user interface. It has a big camera preview but allows for a great amount of settings to be optimized from the preview screen. You can change what the app calls shooting modes. Shoot modes offer burst shot, stabilizer, or my personal favorite timer settings. After taking the photo it goes into a lightbox which keeps your photos in one place without saving them. After taking multiple photos you get to choose your favorites and save them. Alternatively you can use the built in editor of camera+ to add things like filters or captions.

Camera+ Review

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Finally after your photos are all complete you can share them out to your favorite social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr. The app makes it easy to take really great shots with your iPhone camera. Over 16 different scene shooting modes to make your photos not only better but unique. Scenes for varying situations like sunset, backlit, or night shots. Another great feature that camera+ coined was the hardware integration of the volume buttons to take a photo. Making it much more easier to take snapshots in landscape.

-Simple user interface
-Tons of great shooting modes
-Filter support
-Sharing support

-Has some social advertising tied in

Camera+ is the original camera utility app out in the app-store. It takes your iPhone camera and gives you the tools to take better photos within an advanced yet simple to navigate interface. Following taking your photos it provides a really detailed editor in order to add filters, crops and borders. Multiple features aside camera+ only comes in at $1 and does a lot of things that other apps provide for much more and offer much less. Both professionals and amateurs will appreciate the app as it makes taking great photos simple. Offering a ton of tools like front flash, easier touch exposure/focus, horizon level tools that the default app simply doesn’t. A creative set of features indeed only used to take more creative photos. Camera+ at $1 is a must have camera app if you love taking photos on your iPhone. Find it in the app-store today in the photography and video section.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store