Call of Duty Strike Team is a game created by Activision Publishing, Inc. It costs $6.99 and is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However keep in mind that it says it’s not compatible with the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th generation and iPhone 3GS (and anything older). This is a weird warning, because the game works fine on my iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1.3.


Strike Team lets you play in first and third person throughout the entire game. When you’re playing in first person you control only one soldier and their movement, actions and aiming. When you’re playing in third person you control an entire squad from a bird’s eye. This bird’s eye view is really helpful in showing you the entire battlefield, whereas the first person view is great for fighting enemies up-front.

The story behind this game is that in 2020 the U.S. is attacked, and you have to fight against an unknown enemy. Your mission as a player is to lead a Join Operations Team in a global plan to eradicate the enemies responsible for the surprise attack.

Call of Duty - Strike Team App Review

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Game Modes:

You can play through campaign mode which takes you through a well-developed story, or you can play through survival mode where you fight off waves of enemies.

Campaign mode lets you play in any way you want. You have grenades, guns and tons of customization at your disposal. You can even customize your squad’s weapons, perks and body armor.

Survival mode is a fun game mode which adds to the value of this game. Let’s say you finish the story of the game, what not? Well you can go on over to survival mode and play it forever, so you’ll have something to do and not get bored. You should never get bored when you pay $6.99 for a game!

The Good:

The graphics are really amazing on new iDevices. You’ll be blown away by how great the user interface works when compared to other first person shooter games.

The Bad:

The “quick-aim” buttons which automatically aim are great for beginners, but not for seasoned gamers. When you tap the quick-aim button it automatically aims on the head, then all you have to do is shoot. What would normally take 3 minutes to shoot a couple of enemies without dying, now takes less than 15 seconds.


If you’re into first person shooter games, then you will enjoy Strike Team. This game doesn’t have multiplayer though. So keep that in mind.

Strike Team is rated an average of 3 ½ stars by over 11k people because many of them are disappointed with the game not having multiplayer (or they downloaded the app on a non-compatible device). Do your homework before buying this game, and you’ll be sure to enjoy it.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store