Bloons Tower Defense 5 by Ninja Kiwi is a $3 tower defense game.

Bloons TD5 is strategic balloon tower defense game. The basis of the game is your trying to stop balloons from getting through the maze. You use your monkey towers to pop the balloons by placing them smartly across the map. Each level offers new mazes/obstacles and as you progress so does your towers. The towers have their own ability and can be upgraded as you progress, additionally you unlock new towers that do more damage and or fire at a higher rate. Over 18+ towers with 2 upgraded paths each. The game has so much built into it and is one of the original tower defense titles.

Bloons TD 5 Review

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Special agents are another new feature of the game, these special agents allow you to bring them in to help on certain missions. Across the game there are 10+ special missions and over 250+ random missions. TD5 really does a great job of packing tons of gameplay throughout its varying levels. Through the levels the game also incorporates tons of achievements, game center support is integrated so you can keep track of all those achievements. iCloud support is also built in so that you can sync your settings across multiple iOS devices.

-Tons of levels
-Tons of upgrades/special missions
-Multiple difficulty settings

-Balloons may not be for everyone

The game however at first look has a packed menu system and can be a bit tedious to navigate at first. There are also tons of in-app purchases they offer throughout the game to help get you an advantage in the games. Your main objective through the game is to go through the main missions and survive the horde of balloon waves that come each level. Some levels are larger with more turns while others are more straight and short increasing difficulty for each map.

Overall Bloons TD5 is one of the classic tower defense games out there. Though its not the only one and at $3 it does offer a ton of features and gameplay. However if your looking for more action based tower defense then there are plenty of other titles out there. This game really does a great job of providing tons of levels to play through and new towers to unlock and upgrade to test out new setups. Bloons TD5 is hands down one of the better and packed tower defense games. You can find it for $3 for the iPhone in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store