blood brothers

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Format: iPad, iPhone. iPod Touch

Developer: Mobage Inc

Blood Brothers is a game that when I first heard about it got me really excited. I am a sucker for a good RPG style game and especially one with a awesome medieval gothic type setting like this one has. But after spending some serious time with this game I am left really confused as to what the developers were really going for here.

To look at this game is gorgeous. This is my kind of art style. Big monstrous dragons and loads of bad ass looking monsters and other characters. If you are into the whole mythical and medieval style of games then you will love the artwork here. Some of the character designs are just amazing and I honestly could happily look at a book full of the art from this game.

Now the game play before this game was released I had read that it was a RPG well that really is not exactly true. I mean I guess if you goad to put it into a genre of game it would be RPG, but really there is not much to this game at all. The story is that you play as a hero who also is a vampire and you are required to build an army in order to take down a evil empire. You have a choice of eight different classes to lead this army.

So the story really is my cup of tea, but then it comes time to play the game. The game has a nice looking game board that you will need to move around. Each space that you move on this game board will use up some of your energy. Some parts of the board have enemies on them and when you land on one of them it is battle time.

With the amazing character designs I was really looking forward to some great classic turn based battles with these awesome looking monster. The battle starts you press a button and then……….. you watch. That is it you just watch the battle happen. You win and get some experience points. Man I cannot say enough how disappointed I was. I was just dying to control what was happening on the screen. Sometimes after a battle you can form a pact with your defeated foes these can sometimes join you or they can make your existing warriors stronger. This is such a great idea it really is. I just wish I had more control in the battle that came before it.

I really wish I could tell you there was more to the game, but there is not. At most you can chose the order of the way your guys line up and that is it. You start a battle and then kick back and have a cup of tea and wait for it to end.

I so wanted to like this game I really did. I loved the story and the art style of this game that I really wanted this to be this huge epic RPG. It is not a bad game, but it is just there is hardly any game here at all. But hey if you like looking at really cool artwork then its worth a download.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store