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Developer: Foursaken Media

Block Fortress at a glance no doubt will look to many people that it is nothing more than a Minecraft knock off. But while Block Fortress is clearly in at the very least influenced by Minecraft I think that it does enough to stand on its own and be a fun game. A fun game that I am sure is going to hook many people.

What is a little different though is that rather than just throwing a tool box at you and let you do what ever the heck you want you have an overall purpose. Here though there is still that building element, but like I said you have an actual purpose or a goal if you rather to reach for. And that goal is that you will be building a tower to cause some damage with. So this is really like Minecraft mixed with a tower defense game.

One cool thing about this game is that right before you even decide on that first block you will need to decide where you will be building your tower. Each map is different and the place where you will be building it does actually mater. You want to try and get your self on high ground and not just start building at the bottom of some little hill where you are sure to get a beating. Take it from a guy who put no thought into where he was putting his towers. You really need to think about it before you start to build.

The actual building aspect of the game is really easy. You just select what kind of block you want and then place it where you want it to go. It really is that simple. As well as the blocks of course you need to have your turrets and other defences and of course lights. What the heck do I need lights for I can hear you asking. Well that is to help you out in case of night time raids. How cool is that? Now I am sure other tower defence games have done this, but this was a first for me and it was really cool.

Once you have built the tower you then enter into some combat. You actually can run around the map in a first person shooter mode and help out your tower. This part of the game is now here near as much fun. I almost wished I just had to sit there and watch my tower handle the business rather than play this first person shooter section. The controls while not bad are a bit on the clunky side and these type of graphics really do not work that well in a first person shooter. I know that graphics are not everything, but for me this did not work. I will say though that this is not a large part of the game. It is something that was I think added to make it stand out from other similar games and in that regard it does work.

Block Fortress is a really fun building game. And if you can look past the not so hot action segments then I am sure you will love it. But to be fair this is a game that is not supposed to be all about action so its hard to criticise it for trying to give us a little more bang for our buck. I think that it is pretty fair priced and if you loved Minecraft then I think there is enough here for you to have some fun with.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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