Bike Race Pro by Top Free games is $1 bike physics games.

The main objective of bike race pro is to complete the end of the level without tipping over in anyway. You drive your tracks through multiple jumps and loops in a simple but fast paced game. The game offers over 72 challenging tracks, and 9 different themed worlds. Deserts to Artic cold maps all with their own different design. Maps are greatly done and have a simple cartoon style to them. Controls are all done through touching the screen to control your acceleration. Leaning back and forward is done through tilting the device.

Bike Race Pro Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

A great thing about the game is all levels and worlds are automatically unlocked with the purchase of the paid version. A lite version is also available but with levels all needing to be unlocked through points. Multiplayer is another great mode to the game. Race against your friends to see who can complete the track in the best time. Alternatively you can choose to create levels and play user created levels if you get tired of the default tracks. This adds for a really fun experience.

Bike Race Pro requires a ton of skill and patience in the way you approach each level. To much speed can throw you off and not enough can do the same. Its all about balancing to land on the right ramp and use your momentum to make the jumps to complete the level. Despite its simple controls the game is very sensitive and at times can get frustrating .

-Tons of levels
-All levels unlocked
-User created levels

-Tons of In-app purchases
-Multiplayer system could be neater
-Controls are bit sensitive

Bike race pro takes creative maps of loops and big jumps and adds an addictive physics based engine to it. Tilting your device side to side in order to balance out the jumps and progress through the different worlds the game offers. When you get tired you can always sit down and compete online against other players to see how you do. In-App purchases in the game store allow for some customization if you really enjoy the game. Buying things like new bike designs from a ghost bike to a gold bike.

Bike Race Pro is a really fun and $1 physics based racer. Using gravity to alter your progress on each course. If your looking for a fun physics based bike game than Bike Race Pro is for you. Buy it for $1 today for your iPhone or iPad.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store