big win hockey

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Hothead Games Inc

You may wonder what a guy from the UK actually knows about hockey, but as a kid close to where I lived we actually had a pro hockey team called the Fife Flyers. Sure they were no where near NHL standards, but I loved going to many games as a kid. This really did give me an appreciation for the sport. Well that and the phenomenal EA Sports Hockey games on the Sega Mega Drive. So anyway enough with my life story what does Big Win Hockey 2013 have to offer us? Read on to find out.

Graphically Big Win Hockey 2013 really does grab your attention. The players look fantastic they have not gone for the ultra realistic look of say a NHL 2K13. But I actually think that is to the games advantage as it does stand out as its own game. And the animation is just flawless. One really cool thing is the player cards. To any one who has collected any kind of sports trading cards over the years you will get a big kick out of the design of the various player cards.

Now the thing about Big Win Hockey 2013 is that you do not actually play hockey. I can hear you all shouting WHAT right now. But hear me out. This is a game that is all about being the manager of a hockey team. You build you team by buying packs of cards. What is in your card pack is random which is kind of cool. As well as getting cards with various players you also get special skill cards that you can use during games. One really cool feature is that you can edit the players on your teams you can change the way they look and there names. So it is possible to make actual NHL players in the game despite the lack of the license.

Once you have selected your team you just sit back and watch the game unfold. I understand this may sound boring, but it is strangely compelling and you will find yourself yelling at your players when they screw up. As you progress through the game you can get new packs of cards that have better players. Of course though to really get a great team you are going to have to spend some real money. The game though to be fair is not really obnoxious about this. But if you are happy to grind away then you can play the game without spending a penny. A new update has just recently added some new tournaments for you to play in. So there is even more silverware up fro grabs to put into your virtual trophy case.

My main problem with this game is one that really should have been fixed from the get go and that is the matchmaking. It is just so unfair .It is not unusual to get paired with a guy who has a fully stacked team of great players. There needs to be a better way of grouping people together who have similar skilled squads. At first I would get excited at the possibility I could score some kind of upset, but after a few severe beatings I realised that was never going to happen.

Overall this is a great hockey management game. It is certainly worth checking out and if you are worried about the lack of the NHL license just remember you can change the players names to whatever you want. So if you are a hockey fan then I suggest you give Big Win Hockey 2013 a slap shot.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store