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When it comes to iPhone 6 rumors, there is news about every aspect of this exciting new offering from Apple. One of the biggest rumors is that there will be three sizes you can choose from including the iPhone 6 Mini, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 XL. It is also expected that there will be plastic cases for iPhone instead of completely metal cases.

Many resources are stating that the iPhone 6 will possibly have 128 GB of storage available, although if this is the case, it would be a much more expensive model than what has been released to date. Others are talking about the new Retina + IGZO display that will do away with the need to have a Home button, although that was also rumored for the iPhone 5 and it still does have the Home button.

Other rumors hint about the screen coming in a full 1080p Full HD resolution and might even have gesture control features. Again this is simply hearsay that seems as if it has at least some significance for the next new iPhone because of all of the eye tracking technology that is being done by the competition. Along with these more advanced technology features, a rumor about the sensors and cameras being hidden is circulating amongst fascinated iPhone aficionados. This rumor is at least partially substantiated due to patents that Apple has taking out about magical morphing technology, however, it isn’t confirmed that this is for the iPhone 6 model.

Speaking of patents Apple has taken out, one for efficient wireless charging has been filed and many think this is to be able to add wireless charging features to the iPhone 6. Another patent is for automatic volume adjustment that happens as you move your ear away from your phone. Whether that shows up on the iPhone 6 or not is another bit of information that has not been officially confirmed.

The question remains, are the iPhone 6 rumors true? No one knows. At this point, everyone, even the experts, are guessing about what Apple has up its sleeve for the next new iPhone version. The designers, engineers, researchers and developers who actually do know what is true and what isn’t refuse, for the time being, to release the information everyone wants to know.

Source TechRadar